Ask and ye shall receive

I guess its safe to assume that James reads my blog, because after yesterdays grumble the scales have magically disappeared.  If only he did everything that quickly when I ask. 😉

(Only joking my dove – well slightly).

I did mention to him that the scales must magically reappear each Friday morning so that I can have my measurements done by Miss Jo.  He said that they wouldn’t be that hard to find if I looked, but he had hoped if they were out of my direct line of sight I wouldn’t be tempted.

So although my day usually starts a little something like this …

Today I am pleased to report it went a little more like this …

Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

I have to say that it was harder to get out of bed this morning because its usually the anticipation of  jumping on the “scales of doom” that prompt me to pry myself out of the warmth of my duvet so it was more of a roll out of bed than a jump, but a roll will still get me up and going and that’s all I need for now.

Three Days Grace joined me on my walk this morning .. nothing like a little rock to get the heart rate up.  Thank goodness for my iphone, last night it was the only reason I stayed on the treadmill for as long as I did.  I was enjoying the music too much to give it up for the noise of screaming toddlers. 😉

Anyhoo training with Miss Jo tonight so I guess I shall be more sore than I currently am (if thats at all possible), thankfully James has taken on the role of chief masseuse and manages to get most of the knots out without me crying – now thats a huge feat.

Till next time




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  1. Reina says:

    Blah, blah, blah, is it Wednesday again yet?? ;oP
    But I kid.

    Scales are evil – Good Job, James.

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