Mumble mumble

Or should that be grumble grumble!

I am ready to throw my scales out the window.  The stupid things must be broken or they need new batteries!

Why you ask?  Because my weight is just not budging!  Argh .. two and a half weeks … no cheating, doing two lots of cardio (and only minimal Ludus as per instructions) and its not budging.

Try as I might to ignore the little sucker each morning when I get dressed it sits on the floor taunting me .. “Stand on me” .. “Go on, you know you want too” and even though I really don’t .. I get sucked in every morning.   So my dove if you are reading this, can you hide the scales please apparently I just don’t have enough willpower.  😉

Argh!  Anyhoo apart from the stupid scale tormenting me everything is going ok.  Every single body part hurts so training is obviously going well, cardio is boring but being completed and even the food hasn’t been too horrible now if I can just get my weight to come down everything will be right with the world.  (Well not the world, obviously wars and starvation will still exist, I am only referring to my small bubble of a world in this post).

Anyway, lets get onto brighter subjects and give thanks.  Today I’d like to thank Canada.  Why?  Well for this …

Georges St-Pierre

As Bruce Forsythe likes to say “Didn’t they do well”, although technically I suppose I should thank Mr and Mrs St-Pierre and their amazing genetics for today’s wolf.

And just in case you think that its trick photography here are some more examples of their fine genetics at work ..

*sigh* I wonder if he speaks french ..


Till next time


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2 Responses

  1. Bee says:

    Oh he is very yum……I think I need to take a trip to Canada 😉

  2. Amy says:

    I feel for you with the scales not budging, but imagine how its gunna feel when they do!!! Woooohooo looking forward to that post 🙂
    GOOOO CANADA hehehe

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