Who am I?

Hi I’m Julia and burpees are “my thing” .

I’ve completed the 100 day burpee challenge and the burpee mile (twice) and that’s just the tip of the burpee iceberg!

Apart from busting out burpees, I’m well known for standing on my hands at every opportunity and complaining about running.

But, if you stick around long enough you’ll realise I’ll give anything a go!  I’ve jumped off cliffs, tried to float on a board in the sea, stood on stage in a teeny tiny sparkly bikini flexing my muscles and balanced on ropes high up in the tree tops.

In “my real life” I am a working Mum of two school aged children, whom I refer to as the kidlets and I live down under in the land of goblins and hobbits although technically it’s called New Zealand AND I’ve never actually seen any hobbits, but Wikipedia tells me they were here, so who am I to argue.

I’ve been every size imaginable and it’s taken me a long time to realise that I would rather do more, than eat less. I figure what is the point in having great abs if you are too tired and hungry to enjoy them 😉

So grab a coffee, stick around and watch the madness that is my life .. where the day doesn’t start till I’ve done my burpees before breakfast!

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