Dear Elias,

Yesterday as I neared your classroom to pick you up at the end of your school day, you ran at top speed towards me, arms open wide.I braced myself for the thud of your body hitting mine and scooped you up into my arms as you smiled broadly and excitedly showed me that you had lost your very first tooth.

You know what that means right?

The time when you’ll no longer run full throttle towards me, wrap your arms around my neck and exclaim “I love you Mum!” is coming way too soon for my liking. I think you know it too (you’re wise beyond your years), the other day when you clambered onto my lap for a cuddle I sighed “What’s going to happen when you get too big to fit on my lap?” you climbed down, sat next to me wrapped your little arms around me and proudly said “Don’t worry Mumma, we can just cuddle like this”.

That’s one of my favorite things about you my baby, I love, that you love with your entire being even when people say they don’t love you back and for the record, Isabelle does love you, it’s a seven year old girl thing. You probably won’t hear Mumma say this very often but when Dad explained to you on the weekend after yet another one of Isabelle’s outburts, that girls are complicated creatures, he was right including when he calmly explained that sometimes boys should do things they don’t really want to do (like play Singstar) because it makes the girls they love happy.

Don’t lose that ok? Never love anything or anyone half heartedly BUT save those actual three words for the people you would play singstar instead of minecraft for.

While I’m at it Mumma wants you to remember this;

Nothing worthwhile comes easily

You know how you would watch the big kids at school hang upside down on the bar and flip off? Then each time we went to the playground you would try and imitate them, but it was hurting your knees? And remember how you persevered until you finally did it? Well my baby most people spend their lives avoiding discomfort, but would they have learned your cool new trick?!?. No!

If you can continue to learn to be ok with discomfort I promise you it will change your life (and you know Mumma only promises things when she really really means it).

Hugs fix everything

BUT I’d prefer it if you used your words first because regardless what that silly rhyme “sticks and stones says” words are weapons too and they hurt people’s hearts, oh incidentally the correct answer if anyone asks “do I look fat in this” is an immediate no …

And carrying on from that note;

Be nice

One of the things that makes my heart burst with pride is how genuinely caring you are. I’ve watched you run to those who have fallen and stand up for them against kids bigger than yourself. I promise I’ll shut my mouth, not roll my eyes and be nice when you bring home the girl who will one day replace me IF you continue to be the kid who is nice to everyone. It seems like a fair trade to me.

Honestly baby, you will never go wrong being nice to people. I know it’s not always easy, especially when it comes to your sister and her constant taunts. Sometimes being kind is uncomfortable. But out of all the things you can do in life, being kind will always carry you the farthest.

Till next time



PS – Regardless of how strong the girl is that you love, carry her bags inside, just because <3



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