Where have you been?

Today (for the first time in what seems like forever), I had a P.T session with my crossfit coach. As I walked through Les Mills to get to the CrossfitHPU training area I was repeatedly stopped and asked;

“Where have you been?”

Obviously the people who queried aren’t habitual instagram or Facebook users, because if you follow any of my social media account’s you will know that lately I’ve been spending the majority of my time at Ludus with the occasional foray further afield to either box, paddle board, do yoga or even hula hoop. But nine times out of ten (or more accurately 4 out of the 5 weekdays) you’ll find me in the arena. After explaining that I’ve been training at Ludus on a regular basis the next question tends to be;

“What’s that like?”

Whenever someone asks me about Ludus I’ll invariably describe it as “my home”, I’m not sure most people understand what I truly mean when I say that to them because it’s more than somewhere I go daily and feel comfortable. I guess it’s like when you go to your bff’s house and instead of knocking and waiting like a visitor would, you walk in the door, yell “I’m here” to anyone in the house and continue to the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich because you’re hungry.

Rather co-incidentally, today I read an amazing blog post written by a crossfit affiliate owner about the difference between creating a community and a family, he explained;

Community tends to go down the line of the more the merrier. The bigger, the better. Family is like training – more is not necessarily better. Better is better.

And in my opinion that is what Ludus has over other similar training environments, after all I can swing a kettlebell, crawl along the ground and flip a tyre just about anywhere BUT at Ludus I’m considered part of the family even after long absences it’s like I’ve never been away. In fact, I bet if you ask Ludus’ founder Joe Nauhafu I’d “lovingly” be “that moaning old kuia who does as she pleases”, although to be fair I’m pretty sure my coach would say the same thing, especially after this mornings session. 😉

You know how they say you can’t pick your family? Well I beg to differ because I did ..

Till next time





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