The talk

The simple fact is that guys and girls are different.

Girl has problem – Guy wants to solve – Girl really just wants to vent – Guy doesn’t understand.

See our brains work differently, heck we look different, our insides are different so it stands to reason our brains work differently too so it probably shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise that Mr P.T and I wouldn’t see eye to eye on everything.

We have had the “no fat test wanted” discussion previously and today it came up as it usually does on a Thursday.  As usual it went like this ..

Mr P.T = “Fat test tomorrow”
Me = “No thanks”
Mr P.T = “Julz … we really need to focus on those goals”

BUT wait blog people I had a trump card that NO trainer is going to go against …

Me = “I’ve reached my goal AND my husband doesn’t want me to get leaner, he likes me like this”

Julz 1 Mr P.T 0

I saw Mr P.T as I was walking out of the gym to head to work  and he still looked worried about the “no fat test thing” so we had a quick chat

Mr P.T – I just don’t feel like I’ve done my job without doing a test and getting you “the numbers”

Me – Here’s the thing when I started with you  I couldn’t fit my clothes and now I can,  I couldn’t see my abs and now they are back.  It’s taken me years and years of living in this body to know where my “set point” is and I don’t need a caliper to tell me when I’ve reached it.  Believe you me – you have done your job.

Mr P.T – All my girls seem to say to me  “I can fit my clothes I’m happy now”  and I think to myself “how is that a measure”?

Simple case of guys and girls thinking differently.

I can’t see how fitting into your clothes again is not the best measurement ever .. 😉

Till next time
When I could be telling you this mission was all in vain!

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