as·sume  [uh-soom]

to take for granted or without proof
Synonyms: suppose, presuppose; postulate, posit.

To be fair I’ve always “assumed” that my blog readers are a pretty “with it” bunch after all you can all read (with the exception of those of you who currently have a “reader” reading this to you, you obviously can’t read)

I am however going to use the *A* word again and “assume” that those of you who have a reader are in the minority and MOST of my blog peeps can read.

Anyway I’m waffling .. (which reminds me I’m starving I’d love some waffles right now).  Yes, yes I know digressing ..

This post came up on my Facebook news feed last night.

Usually I wouldn’t have taken much notice because I had read about Caroline taking out Ludian of the month in the newsletter but what made me stop and take notice was this part.

“I know that some of you *may* have the impression that Ludus is a bit of a posers gym, where you have to already be hardcore fit to even get involved.”

Why did this sentence stop me in my tracks?

Well about 2 hours earlier I was on the massage table making small talk with the masseuse (who happens to be my ex P.T) and the subject of Ludus came up, he grew up and went through Grammar with Ren so he knows all about Ludus.  A few minutes later he asked me if I was entering the crossfit games next weekend.

I blurted out “No – I’m not a crossfitter”

Don’t let the socks fool you the fact that I’m not standing on my hands should tell you I’m not a crossfitter 😉

I must have used a “tone” because he went so whats the difference between the two – they look the same to me.  I mumbled something about Olympic lifts and the gymnastic components that crossfit do and he replied matter of factly

“I don’t think lack of a few movements distinguishes the two”

So I had to *come out with it*

“Crossfit is all hardcore fit people who try to outdo each other, Ludus on the other hand is all inclusive”

This is coming from a person who has only poked her head into the garage a few times and watched the crossfitters do their stuff.  I’ve never been in the crossfit gym with the crossfitters and I have never done an actual crossfit wod with actual crossfitters.

Basically I know nothing – its all assumptions.

So I’m going to give crossfit a break and I shall “assume” that there are in fact some crossfitters who are not hardcore fit people and who in fact may even be a tad tubby .. who knows ..  stranger things have happened ..

Like me doing a kipping session this morning .. 😉

Till next time

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