You want to know about me?

Most blogs you visit seem to have a clear reason for existing ..

For example;

Nom Nom Paleo – covers Paleo topics, has recipes (of the paleo kind) and sells her book (of paleo recipes)

Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl – talks about Yoga, Yoga workshops/retreats and other yogi things (go figure)

These days, even most crossfit boxes have a blog.

Some just contain the WOD of the day and others branch out and publish articles on training, nutrition and recovery as well as notices (aka housekeeping) matters for their athletes.

I on the other hand have no clear vision for my little space on the www in fact I tend to use this blog somewhat like a diary.   I’ve always kept some kind of diary, usually “hidden” (not very well) under my mattress and quite often I’ll write a post so I have a record to refer to.

For example I know I walked into Ludus for the very first time on Friday 18th February 2011 because I wrote about it and in turn I know that I finished my Crossfit induction on Saturday 18th May 2013 because once again I shared my experience and thoughts here.   Which is why my blog evolves as I do.

I wrote about bodybuilding when I didn’t eat, didn’t wear much and lifted lots of weights.

I wrote about Ludus when I ate more, wore bigger clothing and didn’t lift as many dumbells but instead got jiggy with things called kettlebells.

Now I weigh more, wear more, lift hell of a lot more and can often be found upside down and I write about that.

I guess I’m not your usual online blogger – I don’t think about my “readers”, I don’t have a vision and there are no plans, heck I don’t even know what I’m going to write about tomorrow (or if I will write at all). I want to say this blog is organic, but that would be overselling ..

As such, since it’s been a long time since I’ve answered readers questions and I didn’t have anything crossfitty to write about, today’s blog post is Q&A time.  See! Organic 😉

What is the one item in your crossfit bag that you can’t do without?

Nanos, honestly I can’t believe I used to weight lift in running shoes. Once you go flat*, you’ll never go back. 😉

What is the one crossfit item that you purchased that didn’t work?

I didn’t end up purchasing any but I tried out crossfit gloves and hated them, I found them really slippy on the bar (even when I wasn’t in motion) I also tried elasticated strength wraps but they didn’t fit my hand properly and now wear cotton ones.

What is your favorite crossfit movement?

Well I can assure you it’s not skipping! Ummm it’s probably a close call, but I’m going to go with Clean and Jerk.

Who is your favorite girl?

Cindy – she was also my first. I did the entire thing strict because I didn’t know how to kip.

What has surprised you most about Crossfit?

Kipping is harder than it looks, skills will always trump strength alone and there is actually a purpose for the long socks.

If you didn’t do crossfit what fitness type activity would you do?

I’d quite like to be a Yogi, one of the good ones.   Strong AND supple with amazing balance that can get all pretzel like and make pretty shapes with their bodies whilst standing on a cliff at sunset ..

Till next time





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