If I’m running someone made me – or there is food involved

There used to be a time where I loved running – well I loved the fact that I could run for a reasonable length of time without dying .  I’m a plodder ..

Then as usual (in the land of Julia) I got injured and I couldn’t run for the longest time ..

Reconstructed knees are never as good as “the real thing”.

These days running and I are not the closest of buddies.  I don’t mind shuttles or even Malcolms on a good day, but I’d rather do just about anything other than distance run and to me thats anything greater than 100 meters.   What can I say I have short legs – 100 meters is quite the distance. 😉

The reason I’m *ranting* on about running is that today happens to be Wednesday (I know you are thinking … and…).  Well Wednesday is Endurance day at HPU which tends to involve running.  There was one session where the entire WOD was exactly 2 words long.  ASB Run.  Suffice to say I missed that session.

The last couple of weeks we haven’t had any running in our endurance sessions, we were supposed to do shuttles last week but couldn’t due to the renovations that were taking place. My luck couldn’t hold out forever!

Today we were back to running – outside.  The WOD did however have a little disclaimer tacked on the end “Beginners/Intermediates – shorten the distances” ok .. so maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I imagine it’s going to be

I weight trained at 6am (because I chickened out of going to the 6am HPU session) and when I decided that I’d spin afterwards I went to my car to get my cleats.   I literally sat in the car for 10 minutes talking myself into sucking it up and going to the 7am HPU session and running.

I put up a pretty good fight with myself ..

“The physio told me I need to spin as much as possible”, “I don’t want to hurt my knee before 2 to Tango” and even “Maybe I’ll box instead – I haven’t boxed in ages”

Then I thought about how much effort I’d put into my overhead squats and how it’s really starting to pay off – this morning I even did my heaviest set ever at 27.5 kgs so I locked my cleats and boxing gloves in the car before I chickened out again and went to reception to get a crossfit pass.

When I read “Beginners/Intermediates – shorten the distances” I did kind of think maybe I’d get away with a Kathmandu Run, Half a block run then a full block run, but no such luck the first two runs remained the same but you could replace the ASB run with two block runs.

The first two runs I did ok (well I didn’t die and I didn’t stop) the final one I struggled.  I walked about 20 m on the first block and on the second I walked up the hill from the gym to the lights which is 200m .. #sigh.

I finished within the time cap but I’m pretty sure I was the only person who took the easy run option.  Yet another thing I need to work on …

Till next time

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