Show Day

I had “forgotten” that I hadn’t actually posted any info on the show I’m going .. only the countdown to it.  I  only realised when people starting asking so for those of you who are interested here it is.

The show …

My amazing friend Brook has kindly offered to be my support person, tanner and cheering squad.  Although I have competed outside of Auckland before I’ve never done it alone before, so I am grateful he has stepped in to help me out.

After the show we shall be heading to …

The Running Bull Bar & Grill

It’s a ritual of mine that I have a burger after a competition.  As you may be aware after the Christchurch Earthquakes, not much is still standing down there!  (and they didn’t have a Burger Fuel to start with) .. so Brook came up with this suggestion.  Upon studying the menu I was all in .. I saw they do a burger and thats good enough for me 😉

Four more weeks .. its so close I can taste it 😉

Till tomorrow (when its update photo day!)

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  1. Four weeks! Getting exciting. Keep up the great work, Julia!!

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