That’s what friends are for

This weekend I took on the role of “supporter” ..

First up on the weekends agenda was a date with a bunch of fit bitches a couple of token husbands who from this point on will be known as He-Man and Skeletor at my home away from home Ludus Magnus.

Amy couldn’t make it to last months FB expedition so it was her first time at the Arena and Osovale dragged along her husband because she enjoyed herself so much last time she came.

Although I secretly have the feeling that she wanted to show him WHY she couldn’t move for three days after her last session. 😉

We played hit the gopher Yumi, swung on the ropes like monkeys and even did a bit of  gymnastics, however it wasn’t all play and no work ….

Because we even did the ACTUAL session – which involved frog leaping up hills .. I have a new found appreciation for frogs and the pain they endure on a daily basis.

However hard work has its rewards, which in my world is either new shoes or good coffee and in this case it was the latter.

Sunday morning the role of supporter became support crew when the entire Nash clan got in on the act and went to cheer on Aunty Nessy who took my entry in the womens triathlon series after I put myself out of contention by being old and decrepit 😉

She totally kicked arse and placed 14th out of 189 entrants in a time of 42:24.

Also a big shout out to my friend Laura who also did the event she placed 12th!  How cool is it that I know so many amazing women who go out and just do it!

And just when you think I must be supported out .. no!

I went to my first EVER netball game (well apart from the one’s I played in when I was in primary school, but they don’t really count).  I will admit I mostly went to smack those inflatable batons together that you see on the TV because I’m not really a huge netball fan although apparently I am a fan of smacking things with inflatable batons (sorry Amy) ..

I’m thinking it would be best if I don’t go to another game because the Mystics (which was the team we were supporting) lost. It was their first loss of the season.  I do hope that my bad luck runs out by Friday because I’m going to support the Auckland Blues Rugby team and they NEED a win BADLY!

Oh and heads up to any of you who live in Auckland. Ludus is closed on Wednesday so a group of us are meeting at the Trust Stadium at 9am to do The Ludus 500 and then some of us are going to attempt the Burpee Mile – which is pretty much doing frog leap burpees for one mile. Simple huh?

So feel free to come along and join in the fun .. or to laugh .. whatever floats your boat.

Till next time

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