Audacious/Ludacrous a bit of both I guess

Yesterday I informed the world that although I am a superwoman (at least I am according to the kidlets) 2012 will not be the year that I become an iron woman.

So what is a superwoman supposed to do to make her mark on the world during her 40th year?

Oh believe me I’ve bounced some crazy ideas back and forth in my head and I’ve even had some things suggested to me.

Some things were just no goers from the outset;



One thing I have discovered during my training to be an iron woman is that there are sports where you can eat cake!  I hereby vow never again to participate in a sport where I can’t eat cake.    I want abs AND I want cake heck I don’t want for much do I.

Anyway I’ve been there, done that it’s time for a new challenge.

The Taupo Cycle Challenge?

Hmm .. well yeah cyclists have great legs AND I presume I’d get to eat cake because that’s a shite load of time you would need to spend in the saddle.

BUT out of the three iron woman disciplines cycling was my least favorite and although this is an audacious goal to aim for (Stace you would totally rock at this), it’s not how I want to spend my time.

So I thought about the things I do like ..

  1. Ludus – so whatever I chose couldn’t interfere with that
  2. Eating cake – no brainer really
  3. Spending time with my family – so no all day training sessions and no more two training sessions a day every day
  4. Shoes
  5. Eating cake

Basically I was looking for something that I hadn’t done before, that let me eat cake (and have abs) and where I could buy shoes completely guilt free .. because a girl NEEDS the same shoe in every possible color.

So that left some kind of running event – trail running, road running, adventure running ..

As part of my iron woman build up I had scheduled my first half marathon for June (because well an iron woman event involves running half a marathon) so it had to be something different to that.

One blogger I follow is doing 30 halfs before she reaches 30 – but I don’t think I could find 40 half marathons between now and the end of the year AND I highly doubt my legs would take that much of a beating!

My masseuse told me she has one client doing 5 halfs for 50 so I guess I could do 4 for 40 but it just didn’t seem “impossible” enough.

So really that just left ..

All the advice I have read proclaims that you should have run consistently for an entire year before even contemplating doing a marathon AND as we all know the furthest I had run prior to January 2012 was 5k’s so do I have a year?

Nope ..

I have till October 28th 2012 which is just over six months away.

Thankfully I have no goal other than to finish before the cut off time of 6:50 .. run/walk/crawl whatever it takes.

I’m hoping to do it in under 5 hours but I am putting absolutely no pressure on myself other than wanting to wear the same 2xu hot pants that my friend Anna wears to Ludus (obviously my own pair not Anna’s actual pair) while I am running the marathon .. if I’m going to die, I want to die looking smoking hot!

42 k’s for 40!  Bring it on!

Till next time

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4 Responses

  1. Tracy H says:

    Nice! Good luck (and good shoes!!)

  2. Tracy H says:

    By the way, how’s the burpees going????

  3. Susan says:

    Julia, that is an awesome, audacious, rocking goal! Go and git it, gurl. And in case you hadn’t heard, things just keep getting better and better after 40.

  4. feminine fitness says:

    Burpees .. burpees… burpees .. we still have a love/hate relationship 😉

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