Four weeks ago after noticing how many of my friends had said something derogatory about their bodies on social media, I posted the following message on both my instagram and facebook accounts;

“My heart hurts when I see my friends lamenting about their bodies –

“My back is fat, I just want abs, if only I was thinner or fitter”

Just for one day, step away from the mirror and the scales. Instead of concentrating on what you look like or what you weigh, take time to notice all the amazing things your body can (and does) do each and every day.

Be proud!”

A lot of this “new attitude” stems from moving away from a sport which was all about aesthetics and into a sport where what you can do means so much more than what you look like doing it. So, although I’ve always been relatively confident in my ability to “hold my own” in any athletic endeavor that I try, being comfortable in my own skin is a somewhat newer attribute.

So you’d think “I’d have it all together now – right?” Well think again ..

Today after snapping my Instagram Yoga Challenge photo I checked my camera roll and immediately thought “Argh! I look so fat! I can’t use that one, I’ll need to re-shoot it”.

Sure, I had done the pose “correctly” and the composition of the photo was pretty cool BUT those gigantic hips had just ruined EVERYTHING! I was no longer pleased that I’d run without stopping today. I completely dismissed the 60 diamond push ups I had completed or the fact that I’d gotten much further than I thought I would in todays AMRAP, instead that nagging voice inside my head told me none of that mattered because I looked fat doing it.

In the end my common sense got the better of me and I posted the “fat photo” and although I was disappointed in myself for letting my ego get in the way, I decided to give myself a break. I am a work in progress, which means I’ll get there a little bit at a time, not all at once.

We will all have “those days” but let me leave you with this thought – is your body an instrument or an ornament?

Till next time





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