Sunrise Yoga on Queens Wharf

I’ve got to admit, I’m not much of a “public events” kind of person.

I always think they sound like fun, but I never go. First there is the traveling involved, then I’ve got to find a parking space near the venue, wrangle the kids (if it’s a child friendly event) and finally I’ve got to deal with a lot of people in a close vicinity – it’s just not something that appeals to an introvert like me.

So even I was surprised that I gave up the opportunity to spend a glorious morning alone on my paddleboard to attend the free Sunrise Yoga on Queens Wharf. This event is held on the first Wednesday of every month throughout summer, excluding January (as I guess everyone leaves Auckland for the holidays) 😉

Today’s practice was led by Martina Götz, an Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher whose weekly classes are held at The Centre (where I went for my birthday retreat) and Breathing Space Yoga Group.  I’ve been interested in trying Ashtanga so I guess it was fate that I stumbled across this event through social media AND that I turned up with my mat in hand (or should that be underfoot).

Martina led over 100 participants through the Sun Salutations (A&B) which were followed by some standing postures, seated postures and back bends and even though there were so many people,  it didn’t seem at all crowded, I guess the open space, fresh air and sea views help with that.

One of the highlights was having a large cruise ship came into the harbour as we were going through our rounds of  Sun Salute A .  We must have been quite the view to behold judging from all the passengers on the balcony pointing in our direction as the cruise ship came alongside, what an amazing first impression of Auckland City, calm sea, clear skies and over 100 yogi’s next to the water saluting the sun.

I’m not sure I’m completely over my public event phobia BUT I’ll be returning for February’s event, I’ll just choose a spot at the front so that if another cruise ship comes into port they won’t take all my sunshine!

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