Izzy – a ludian in both body and soul

For those of you who are new to my corner of the web universe let me introduce you to my friend Izzy

< —- That’s her over there.

Once upon a time she used to intimidate me, before I knew her and realised she’s a big softie UNLESS it comes to ball wrestling .. then I go back to being intimdated ;).

Way back in the dark ages when I started at Ludus (well actually it’s been 18 months, but it feels like forever ago) Iz was the fit blonde who did an entire workout in a weighted vest and on occasion she still does.

Anyway Iz and I are off on a girls retreat to an island paradise in eight weeks so the mission is on to be bikini ready (hence the recent posts involving us running, not that we TOTALLY don’t love Val and getting free shite but really that was just an added bonus because girls, running is the BOMB for lightening the wide load).

Although I basically do Ludus (often), Iz is one of those sporty chicks and in addition to Ludus she does netball and hockey (and runs and other epic adventuring) so imagine how bummed Iz was when hockey practice kept her coming to Pua’s inaugural Ludus session.  (Have I mentioned we have a bunch of new trainers at Ludus?? .. Maybe I haven’t I’ll do a post on that at some stage – keep an eye out ladies .. eye candy post!) …

And if you haven’t had a good hard f**ck that has left you gasping for air and dripping sweat this was a session NOT to miss!

With exercises like jump f**ks, bag f**ks, toe tap f**ks there was gonna be a lot of f**king going on in the house! I couldn’t let Iz miss out on that, she is a single girl after all, so “Izzy” and I checked in on FB (you know so the workout isn’t wasted) ..

And then Iz took the arena by storm!

By the looks of it she chose to start on the medicine ball set and then followed that up with the bag set … (I was too busy dying in my own corner to notice) 😉

Then it was onto …

TRX rows and chins, if you are wondering why she’s using a band it’s cause her shoulder is stuffed. All the epic adventurers carry some form of injury – being epic has it’s consequences. 🙂

Even Pua was impressed with how hard Iz trained ..

So impressed in fact that they gave Izzy a front line role at Ludus because well A) she’s hawt B) she’s fit and C) refer to A.

So if you are in the arena and you see the intimidating fit hot blonde, say hello (and then try and keep up with her)!

Till next time

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