Home truths as seen by me – Part two

<—— This “sign” has been flooding my Facebook newsfeed lately.  The 100th time one of my friends reposted it I had to say something.

You can … I’m am living proof (and so are a number of Ludians I can think of)

My facebook friends can attest this girl likes to eat dessert .. often … and a lot of it.  I mean doesn’t everyone go to a smorgasbord and start with sampling every single dessert on offer 😉

Most of you know that I am currently prepping for doing nothing but lying around on a beach on a tropical island in a bikini .. wearing a bikini means that Julia needs to drop a little bit of excess baggage and get my abs out.

I haven’t gone into specific numbers because when I do people tend to say the following

  1. HOW MUCH?!?!?!  You ARE joking right ..

Let’s just say it seems like a big number when you say it out loud (hence the reason I don’t say it) but I will say that the number equates to 12.5% of my starting body weight over an eight week period.

When I go onto explain that my “diet” also consists of me going out every weekend with my friends for dinner/desserts and a few drinks (desserts is not a typo, one dessert is never enough) they look at me like I’m bonkers.

But honestly people what is the point in living if you can’t eat drink AND be merry I don’t see the point in having a lean body with a six pack to die for if you too tired and hungry to show it off .. LIVE!

Anyway I digress – you most definately CAN out train a bad diet.

One week after starting tropical island bikini prep I am now carrying 1.9 kgs less fat AND I’ve held every single ounce of lean mass I had .. all that while enjoying life (and 3 servings of dessert).

BUT – I train hard and I train a lot .. It’s a trade off and one I am willing make.

I’ve grown up in an environment where food and love are intrinsically linked. We celebrate with food, we commiserate with food. We show love by providing a meal. So I would much rather move more than eat less after all my Mum does make the best caramel slice on the planet – she won’t be around forever you know .. I have to get in my fill while it’s on offer! 😉

I guess it also helps I have somewhere that I can train hard AND have fun ..

Till next time

PS – This post is dealing with how you look – not how you feel or how you will perform. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie however some calories help you perform and look better than others 🙂

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