Train Hard, Have Fun – This is how we Ludus!

Friday was deemed “Back to the 80’s” day and spartans one and all came dressed up and ready to train hard AND have some fun.

On a side note – I can’t believe everyone wasn’t anorexic back in the 80’s the workout clothes sure don’t leave much to the imagination! 😉

Anyway back to the subject at hand …

The plan of attack was that EVERY session on the Friday would be 80s themed .. 80s music, 80s clothes, 80 reps .. you get the gist of it.

The stupid oclocker’s did an awesome job of dressing to impress. Some gyms may struggle to get their patrons to get into the spirit of the day, however we certainly don’t have that problem at Ludus I think there were only a handful of people in “normal attire” .. they probably felt more out of place than the rest of us.

Ren was in charge of the stupid oclock class and I was surprised it didn’t start out with 800 burpees – Ren likes big numbers! Thankfully he stuck to 80’s but finishing up with a 80 burpees as a group after a hard out workout was well hard 😉

J was planning on going in to do the 5.30pm session so I headed to the arena after I finished work, as the last session of 80s day was bound to be a blast!

Once again the Ludians did the 80s proud and came ready to party ..

We started off with a 20-2 and if you finished before the allotted time you were to jump on “Vince” (the big tyre) or one of the platforms and dance your heart out – I’ve never seen people more determined to finish before time .. Ludians like to dance!

And to finish? More dancing of course …

And that my friends is how we Ludus!

Till next time

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