It’s just like walking but different

One of the founding principals of Look Better Naked is that you train for five days and you rest for two.

On rest days you can walk and as a special concession Shantelle said Yoga would also be ok.

Because I have to get up to go to work anyway it makes sense for me to train Monday through Friday which leaves the weekends as rest days.

HOWEVER Saturday morning at 6am on the dot and my body is wide awake and raring to go, it obviously didn’t get the “this is a rest day memo” ..

So as per the “program” I donned about 5 layers of clothes (I’m a sook when it comes to the cold) and Doctor Beats and I went out for a walk and watched the world awaken.

On a side note apparently I am the only person out on the road who thought it was cold.  I was wearing long tights, long sleeved top a beanie AND a goose down vest while other people where sweating in shorts!  I have no idea what I’m going to do when Winter comes 😉

Then I spent the rest of the day trying to keep busy, I was a bit like a mouse in a maze going round in circles but not accomplishing much. I did manage NOT to buy any boots though so a bit of a break through.

Made it through Saturday, had to dinner and cocktails, went to a comedy show and went to bed late (for me) ..

Fast forward and I make it to 7 am on Sunday morning (although that was more thanks to the kidlets than my actual body clock).

I announced to James I’m going to the gym to do a spin class and he looked at my quizzically and said  “I thought you could only walk on rest day?”

My reply?

Spinning is just like walking .. it’s even more restful because its sitting down walking ..

I haven’t heard J laugh so hard or so much in ages, I’m so glad I can still bring joy to his life after all these years.

As It’s been a couple of weeks since my last spin session I felt “rusty” and as Laura (or Loopy Laura as we call her) is known for her killer spin classes I decided to grab a seat in the back row so that I could die in private.

God must have been looking out for me because who should walk in and grab the seat right next to where I usually cycle?

Shantelle …. oopsy

Till next time

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