Six dots then you are mine!

Hey Guys.

Trained with Miss Jo last night she *killed* me.   We did hamstrings and honestly everytime I moved last night in bed I yelped in pain.    When I crawled into bed last night I knew Ludus would be out out of the question this morning, so I made plans to drive into work early and head out on a walk around Parnell.  Made for a nice change .. but I really need a good stretch session, or a massage … my entire body is super tight!


Yes please!

Before training, Miss Jo did my measures.  Pleased to report there were no tears shed.  I said to her after we had finished the measurements “You were lucky, there would have been tears if I hadn’t lost”.

So I am now officially only six more dots (mms) away from my reward.  I saw this just before Christmas and lets just say, it was beyond Santa’s fiscal means.   Then a few weeks ago I thought “Right, when I get off the chart (which means I will be lower than 11% – taken using five skinfolds) I am going to get myself that watch.”

I’ve got my eye on the prize!


My shiny "dangling carrot on a stick" 😉

So a quick recap of yesterday.  Ludus 10-1’s, Work, Hammies with Jo, Family Time, 45 min walk.

I took James out with me on my walk last night.  It was like a fitness/walking date 😉  Actually I tell a fib.  He was just in a right mood when I got in from the gym, the kids were driving him mental so I figured I best take him out with me in case I came home and had no kids .. the thought of gettings babies out of my tummy again does not enthuse me in the slightest, so I best protect the ones I have already! 😉

Right .. two more sleeps till the “big race” and I still haven’t been on my bike.   Hopefully I don’t leave it till Friday night to get on the saddle!

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Amelia says:

    Nice watch.. what a great reward to set your eyes on!!

    Question… After a hard day and you feel exaughsted, how do you find the energy to go for a walk or run? I feel stuffed after today, and know I need to go for a walk… but dont know where I will get the energy.??

  2. feminine fitness says:

    Hey Amelia 🙂 Exhausted is my normal state, so I guess Im just used to it 😉 but honestly .. once you get out there its really not that bad. Even if I dont want to go, I head out usually I come right, if I dont I just cut it short and head home .. but at least I tried.

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