Whistle and Whoot!

Firstly the Whoot is for me!

I’ve managed (although not easily) to go two entire days Coke Zero free.  I think there were times that James wanted to hold my head back and pour it down my throat 😉


Two days coke free


As you can probably ascertain from the above post, I haven’t been my *usual jovial self*.  But then again, I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around when I gave up smoking .. but who would have thought having no coke would make me a grump!

Anyway a quick recap of yesterday before we get onto the whistling;

AM =  Ludus.  My friend Donelle was there .. she is a machine!  She even ran 18ks before the session (and the session starts at 6am!

Then it was work, gym for chest, home for dinner, yell at spend time with family, then I hit the treadmill and did a 30 minute run (yep .. my longest run on the treadmill ever!).


I ran! (You do know I hate running dont you)? 😉


Lets move on to something more uplifting ..

6 foot 25 year old Sydney Roosters 2nd row forward Daniel Conn *sigh*


Daniel Conn - Sydney Roosters Forward

Daniel Conn - Sydney Roosters Forward

I think its the shoulders that won me over, I love a man with a great set of shoulders .. thankfully my husband has a pretty decent pair 🙂

Till next time

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