I’m still standing (just)

So it’s been awhile ..

There have been reasons –

First of all I (re)injured myself. I pulled my lower back and spent 4 complete days in the fetal position on the sofa and then another 3 tentatively walking around like an elderly lady.

Apparently one should not train for 3 hours then go and lift boxes for the rest of the day because one is moving house. I will add that to my ever-increasing list of stupid things I must not do again, (like the burpee mile) 😉

Then thanks mostly to my husband and his brawn we got packed up and moved house however the only internet connection I had was through my phone and although I love you all, I don’t love you enough to attempt to construct a coherent blog post on my iphone.

I finally got connected on Wednesday but I didn’t really have anything to say. I’ve hummed and harred over whether I should continue to blog. After all my life is just not that exciting these days ..

I’ve lost the weight so it’s no longer a “weight loss” blog. I’ve hung up my glittery bikinis so it’s not a “competitors” blog and it’s been forever since I’ve done any type of racing so it’s not even a “sports” blog.

Most of the posts this year have been a cycle of me announcing my latest grand plan followed quickly thereafter with an injury. I’ve become something I despise – all talk, no action!

I guess I’m just not sure what to talk about anymore and I don’t want to be one of those “crossfit” blogs that just tells you what WOD they did that day. I mean honestly who cares? – snooze fest! (If you do actually want to know that just look it up HERE).

However after receiving a few concerned messages over my absences online and around the gym I thought I should at least let you all know that I’m alive and kicking (well actually not much kicking is going on because that strains my lower back, but you get the gist).

So for now let’s do a quick catch up ..

My friend Amit and I started the Fit Me In buddy body blitz challenge on the 1st November. Amit is doing better than I am because the week I injured my back and was lying on the couch in the fetal position I consoled myself with sugar (as you do). But this week I’m back on track, my weights down from when we started even though my training has been scaled back.

Other happy news ..

I managed to run the block during today’s WOD – twice! The last time I ran was 9 weeks (to the day) because the day after that I tore my calf muscle. Which incidentally was the day I was supposed to compete in the Birthday Games .. See what I mean about all talk?

Anyway I don’t have any plans to announce so hopefully that means that once I get my lower back sorted out I’ll have a decent amount of injury free time!

Till next time

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