I just don’t have it

The HPU play offs are just 3 weeks away and I am often asked if I am competing.

My answer is always the same “no” (because I’m not) followed by “I’m not sure that I’ll ever compete”.

Obviously in previous blog posts I’ve stated that I would like to compete (someday) but lately I’ve realised that competition is not what fuels my fire.

To compete you really need to have a competitive drive;

adjective \kəm-ˈpe-tə-tiv\

: of or relating to a situation in which people or groups are trying to win a contest or be more successful than others : relating to or involving competition
: having a strong desire to win or be the best at something
: as good as or better than others of the same kind : able to compete successfully with others

And basically I don’t, not in “that” way. I saw a quote from Rich Froning that said;

“In training you listen to your body.
In competition you tell your body to shut up”

Which is fair enough for someone who is battling it out for quarter of a million dollars but I’d prefer to be able to move somewhat freely on a regular basis because I listened to my body than drugged up on tramadol unable to move from the sofa because I pushed on regardless of the outcome.

I guess that’s the difference between a true competitive athlete and me. I’m not willing to take on the risk/return ratio required to perform well under duress.

I still have the inner drive to take on and conquer new challenges eg – completing a 4 metre handstand walk, but lining me up next to another person doing the same thing won’t make me try any harder or go any faster.  I’d probably spend most of my time cheering for them!

I’m just not that competitive..

When people find out I don’t plan to compete they ask what I’m training for.  Habit I guess, it’s just what I do.  Oh!  And I have a new found love of nice cream.  Honestly people the chocolate flavor is to DIE FOR ..

But in reality my reason for starting crossfit is exactly the same as it is now – because I want to get faster, fitter and stronger (and I’ve still yet to master the dam muscle up)!

For now I’m training to become proficient enough to be able to compete one day should the bug ever bite me in the arse (I chose arse because it’s the biggest surface area a bug has a better chance of biting me there than anywhere else).

I guess if I’m completely honest with myself (and you all). I’d like to become one of the top 3 masters athletes at our box (yes that would be a podium finish), but to measure that I’d have to compete.

I’m not sure if I want it enough (yet) ..

I’m just not that competitive.

Till next time

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