Make haste (slowly)

Yesterday morning after my session at CrossfitHPU I called into my physio’s office, which happens to be conveniently located next door.

He came to the desk and I sheepishly said “Can I get in early today? I did something a bit stupid” He is obviously used to his patients being stupid because he just smiled and said he’d see me later.

When I arrive for my appointment he asked, “So what stupid thing did you do this morning?” I replied “You know how you said it was ok to deadlift a light weight?” at that point both physios at reception smiled because they knew what was coming.

“Well apparently 65kgs isn’t quite as light as you may have prescribed for me (if I’d asked you)” *sheepish grin* “But, I stopped deadlifts straight away and just did the pull-ups”

He nodded and went “Good girl” then went on to inquire “Did you do the WOD?”

Suffice to say – I had and he in turn shook his head at me and rewarded my “stupidity” by shoving a huge needle in my sacrum.

You see for some of us (including myself) pulling back is much harder than pushing yourself outside of your comfort limits. Rehabbing is a fine and wiggly line.

I injured my calf 8 weeks ago and I was really diligent about doing my stretches, my strengthening exercises and following my “things you can do and can’t do” list provided by aforementioned Mr Physio. And this month I’ve finally progressed to being able to doing more and more of the things that I couldn’t (low (and slow) box jumps), shuttles, (slow) block runs and even some skipping.

During my physio session last night Mr Physio tried to take my mind off the pain and asked me how my calf was doing (since he had seen me block running) and I excitedly said “Oh it’s good! I can jog and jump and I even skipped a bit”

His reply?

“That’s great – now just don’t go out and do anything stupid!

Thankfully I’m ok with being the girl working with a kettlebell that is lighter than her handbag or using my own special kids sized step stool for box jumps (because if you remember, I’m just not that competitive).

However there seems to be a super fine line between pushing yourself just hard enough and too much and to make matters worse the line constantly moves!

And then what happens if I’m always babying myself?

When do you tell yourself to suck it up and get on with it? ..

One thing I do know that I’m trying to be a fitter, faster and stronger version of me and injuries impede that. Injuries make becoming wonder women(esque) a slow process!

So for now I’ll try super super hard to be less epic (and safe). 😉

Till next time

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