Becoming a yogini

I’ve never considered myself a Yogini.  I started doing yoga and even went along to classes at a Yoga studio for awhile there, but I’ve always found myself drawn back to crossfit type activities.

This year (once again) I’ve been inspired to add Yoga to my fitness regime (after all apparently it’s good for my snatch, and let’s be honest.  I can do with all the help I can get with my snatch!).

I’ve been doing a Thursday morning Yoga class at the gym for a few months and I’ve been attending regularly for at least two months now.

Last month (May 2014) I completed my first instagram yoga challenge #mayibeginyoga and this month (June) I’m having a go at another couple of instagram challenges #mermaidyogis (which is more beginner(ish)) and #summersplits2014 (which is more advanced, but I’m giving the modifications a go).

Being inspired by all the beautiful Instagram photos and constantly thinking “oh I wish I could do that” or “I wonder how that’s done” I’m setting up this page “to house” my yoga inspirations.  Anything and everything a beginner Yogini wants to accomplish along with progress updates.

Grasshopper/Dragonfly (Photo credit)


Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1

Eka Pada Koundinyasana II


Pigeon Crescent

Elephant Trunk Pose

Compass Pose

Hands behind back

Baby Grasshopper

Baby Crow

Don’t worry there are more (and I guess will continue to be more as I get more proficient).  However compiling a list of yoga poses that you aspire too, when you don’t know the names is actually harder than it first seems.

Mr Google doesn’t always get it right when you type in “lie sideways and lift leg yoga pose”. 😉

Till next time





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