I’m a Yogini?


noun: yogini; plural noun: yoginis

A woman who is proficient in yoga; a female yogi.

When I’m at crossfit people quite often mention “the yogis” (usually during the mobility piece), you see at crossfit I’d be considered a Yogi(ni) BUT I’ve never considered myself to be one.

Sure I do a weekly yoga class, I attempt the instagram yoga challenges and this month I’ve vowed to do yoga on a daily basis BUT that doesn’t make me a Yogini .. does it?

I don’t meditate, I eat meat (a lot of meat), the nasal breathing thing freaks me out and I can’t even get the right fingers to touch when I’m supposed to do the ooohmmm thing!

I guess in my opinion there is much more to being a Yogi(ni) than doing yoga (regardless of how often), it would be like turning up to a golf course, whacking the ball (not very well) and then proclaiming that I was now a golfer.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t “do” or enjoy yoga, because I do.

I’d actually LOVE to do a yoga retreat, but not an “actual yoga retreat”, I’d need a yoga retreat for non yogini’s (like me).  Each morning (after a crossfit session) I’d learn all “the cool things” like arm balances and inversions, how bind my arms whilst contorting into weird positions and how to hang “elegantly” from a silk hammock, whilst my babies are learning about how their bodies move in the kids class. The rest of the day would be spent lying on the beach (or shopping for more yoga gear) and each night would finish with a yin class by candlelight (after having eye fillet and kumara fries for dinner).

Bliss ..

Real yogi(ni)’s are currently cringing but surely one of you must be interested in expanding your business to include a non yogi yoga retreat, let me know if you do!

Till next time





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