100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 32 and that’s what friends are for

You know you have good friends if they volunteer to come and do your challenge burpees with you .. even when they are post surgery and can’t yet burpee!

Here is a really quick recap of the day so far

Downs = my shoulders pretty shite and my knee is well you know, my knee so todays workout was pretty tough. Usually I can find something on the board that I can get away with, but today was all crawling or variations of beast makers or windmills which you know obviously involves moving your shoulder .. so I tried my best then waited out in reception for Yumi to finish .. *sigh*

Ups = brunch (Roasted Addiqtion how I heart you) – yes I am aware most of the highlights of my life come from food 😉

Anyway today’s clip is a goodie so lets get on with the show

Till next time

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