100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 31 but more importantly Day 1

It’s the first day of summer people!

AND the first day that you get to open your advent calender .. should you have one 😉

I don’t by the way, but I did get both kids one this year, it’s their very first! Actually I have never had an advent calender, J has it’s probably an english thing. Kiwis don’t need an excuse to eat chocolate every day …

Speaking of chocolate. It was the final day of the six week challenge they were running at Ludus today. Yumes participated and she got under her goal weight and she is officially now lighter than me. To celebrate (and obviously fatten her up so I can remain the “skinny one”) I took her to the Chocolate Boutique for brunch. We both had been wanting to try it since one of our friends posted photos on instagram when she went there (Dam instagram has a lot to answer for) 😉

Anyhoo as an “official pancake and waffle connoisseur” I think these ones have not enough waffle and too much icecream .. I know! Who would have thought – too much icecream. But then again I’m not a huge ice cream fan. So I guess these are more dessert than brunch – but the waffles were nice.  (And to be fair it is a “Dessert” restaurant) ..

Right so we had discussed that fact that I ate a load of shite on the first day of summer when in fact I should be dieting for getting into a bikini – however I do not need to look at myself in a bikini .. so I pity all the rest of you beach dwellers.

Anyway enough food talk, lets get on with why you are all here .. to see Anna ..

Till next time

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