Getting there

Weight 81 kgs.

Well its been a reasonable week. I did three runs, Tue I did week one on the treadmill, Wed I did week two on the treadmill and Saturday I did week one at the stadium followed by “running” up the stadium stairs three times for three sets (phew – I’m tired just reading about it)

So this week I will do week two for each of my three runs, then next week the plan is to do week two on Tue and Sat and give week three a go in the middle of the week, it kind of gives me a taste of the week to come, but lets me have a “rest” before graduating to the next week properly.

Food has been good .. although I went out for dinner on Friday with the girls, so that was “more” food than usual, but even that wasn’t too bad and I had my run on Saturday morning to balance things out.

I’m feeling good, starting to fit into things I wore just after Isabelle, so now im working on making my way into the things I wore pre Isabelle

While I was surfing the net I found an eight week program to get ready for the womens triathlon. There are nine weeks till the first Auckland triathlon of the womens series on 2010 so I’m seriously considering doing it .. I’ve got one more week to decide.

Anyway, my Isabelle has just walked in the door from visiting with Nanna and Poppa, so I must “run”

Till next time





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