Two firsts

First of the firsts was that I received my lovely new Ergo. I decided that it was a “reward” to me for doing well with my diet and exercise (well that was how I justified buying yet another Ergo) lol

The second of the firsts was because I have decided to do the first triathlon in Auckland in 2010. I went swimming! I havent been swimming since I did swim school prior to finding out I was pregnant with Elias. Man swimming is hard, so much harder than running (and Im finding running hard, so thats saying something), like all things it will just take time.

Did the c25 run (week two) this morning and followed that with shoulders (swimming was done after work).

Spoke to Ness this morning and I have an announcement to make .. but I just have to discuss it with Jo before I announce it to the world .. so watch this space!

Till next time





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