Leading the way

I am one of “those” parents ..

The parent that can’t seem to go a day without mentioning their kid/s on Facebook or resist posting yet another photo of the mini me’s on Instagram.

After all, in my somewhat humble opinion my offspring are  just as (if not more) amazing than what people had for lunch and the clouds in the sky regardless of what filter they use. Not that I’m biased or anything …

I can not recall a day where the kids haven’t made me laugh to the point of tears. Isabelle in particular comes up with some brilliant Issyisms, which I often share on Facebook – those things are pure gold!

Both kids seem to have fallen into our footsteps – Issy has her quick wit (me), Elias likes to run (no brainer – that’s a James trait) and both can knock out a burpee, although thanks to Crossfit kids Issy’s form is much better than Elias’, but once he’s old enough to attend he’ll be a force to be reckoned with, well at least he will be when he outgrows crying when he loses. 😉

Crossfit has been a positive influence for our entire family. Our kids think its completely normal to lift heavy weights out on the lawn, do handstands against the house and have impromptu yoga sessions whenever the urge takes us because kids do what kids see and in Isabelle’s case what she does with her crossfit coach.

I hesitated about signing Issy up for crossfit. I recall she begged me for months to go to a dance class. She went along and promptly did her turtle impression and hid at the back of the class. The instructor was so understanding that she said we didn’t even have to pay, we could just bring Isabelle to class, she was sure that she would eventually come out of her shell. She didn’t ..

She’s a bit older now and although still shy she will (with a some cheering) get involved in the class and although when you watch her she looks like bambi after his mother was shot (lost and confused) she is often found teaching Elias ensuring he conforms to the movement standards outlined by her coach.

However when asked if Issy wanted to do the kids event at the play offs this weekend I immediately said no. It’s going to be crowded, noisy and she wouldn’t have her Dad beside her to show her where to go next. I couldn’t see her doing well in that environment.

Then I hesitated – who am I to decide?

Me – Baby do you want to do the crossfit competition like Mum this weekend?
Issy – Yep!
Me – It will be very noisy and crowded with lots of people you don’t know.
Issy – That’s ok.
Me – We can’t be with you, you’ll need to watch and listen and go to the right place by yourself.
Issy – Ok.
Me – And it’s a competition honey, so you need to be fast for your team
Issy – I will, I’m very fast!

So there you have it.

Both the Nash girls will be doing their first crossfit competition this weekend.

Get ready for the barrage of photos!

Till next time





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