Hitting the stage again

As Dora says …

“We did it, we did it … yay!” 😉


I went to bed really late on the Friday night (after my 11pm meal) I slept through my 1am “meal” but woke up Saturday morning around 4 am .. I ate, then dozed until 6 am when I woke and had breakfast. (yes I eat  a lot on carb up days) I then waited for Arlene my make up lady to arrive.  She worked her magic and I went from humdrum to abfab in the space of an hour.

Next my friend Sureya arrived.  She was going to help me out today … be my tanner, photographer and backstage stuff and space minder (believe me, space can be highly sought after backstage!) We slapped my dream tan on and then headed off to the venue and joined the athletes waiting for registration/briefing to start.

We set up backstage and then sat and waited .. and waited .. and well waited 😉  Todays competition had two “rounds”.  The morning round was quarter turns and compulsary poses and then the night round was routines and prize giving.

I had four in my division and after the morning round I was hopeful of placing in the top two, they had moved us around quite a lot and we had done the compulsories at least four times, so there was quite a bit of comparing going on.

(Photo stolen from Lisa at go figure)

After the morning show there was only about an hour until we had to be back at the venue, so we decided to stay.  I rang James and asked him to bring me another bikini and some more food and then Sureya and I went for a walk to McDonalds apparently most of the bodybuilders had the same idea because the place was full of extremely brown and lean people. lol.

James arrived just before in time for me to get changed, re tanned and hit the stage for the parade of athletes.  The night show moved quite quickly and It was soon my turn to do my routine.  It went well and then we all went on stage to await the results.

Third place was announced first and it was me .. I smiled and waved and held my head up high and received my medal and goodie bag.  Inside I was disappointed, I thought I looked really good and had posed my arse off .. but I just thought to myself  “You qualified for Nationals .. you can beat them all then – when it counts”

I received some really nice feedback so I came out with a positive outlook about the day and the package that I presented.  I just wasn’t the package that they were looking for on the day .. but the package was one that I and my trainer were pleased with.  The photo above is from the morning show, so this was the package that I was judged on.

There are a couple of areas that we want to work on when I get back from my holiday .. so you just wait and see .. I’ll get that gold medal soon enough! 🙂

A special shout out goes to Miss Jo (my rock), Sureya (my bodyguard) and Donelle (who fed me the most AMAZING bread backstage) and who placed 2nd in the most competitive class of the night .. you go girl!

Thankfully the Armageddon was postponed and I managed to get Burger Fuel for dinner .. again I found other competitors who had the same idea .. I guess we all think alike 😉

The first thing I did when I woke up after a night of indulgence? … Check if I still had abs! .. Bahaha.

As you can see … I did 😉

Well till next time (which could be a little way off since we are flying off to the states, then the uk in an hour)!  But as Arnie said .. I will be back!


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  1. Anouska says:

    Have a fantastic and well deserved holiday! Well done on 3rd place!

  2. Bee says:

    Great pics. Have a wonderful holiday & look forward to the updates when you get back. 🙂

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