It was the night before ..

Peak Week – Day Six

It was the night before competition and all through the house, no creatures were stirring, not even a mouse … lol .. I wish 😉

Today was carb up day .. for some unknown reason I thought I was allocated a certain amount of water, but when I checked I was wrong .. I had over estimated! Luckily I picked up the error around lunchtime so I *think* everything is ok, I don’t think I actually went over the allocation, it just meant I couldn’t have any water for the rest of the day.  I guess we will find out tomorrow if I stuffed up! *eek*

Anyway water “tragedy” aside I was quite prepared for today.  I had packed a huge bag of food for work so that I could carb up throughout the day.  I’ve never done a carb up at work before .. heck I’ve never actually worked the day before a comp .. there is a first for everything I suppose.

I laid out all the carbohydrate goodness on my desk, wrote out a timetable so that I would remember when I had to eat and then when it was food time I could just grab something with relative ease.  The guys at work thought it was quite a novelty to see me eat so much in one day.

Work flew by.  I managed to get everything squared away, taught Grace the “need to know” things so that I could relax while I was on my holiday and not think about work.

Straight after work I headed to the gym to practice my routine.  I havent done it since my last show so I wanted to brush up and since I was doing physique there were a couple of moves I could add in that were a bit “physiquey” for a figure girl to do (like a lat spread).  Club Physical holds a kids wrestling class on Friday avo’s so I went into Wolfs Gym since I had paid up for a one week membership anyway.

Then it was more food .. hair .. and tanning .. it’s hard work trying to look good!

Its now 9.30pm .. James has just left to go to work and I’m sitting up listening out for the kids watching this weeks My Biggest Loser episode on my sky.  Im feeling good, I love the color of my tan and after practising my routine this afternoon Im feeling quite confident that I will actually remember the moves 😉

I’ve probably got one more meal before I head off to bed and then I’ll snack throughout the night when I wake (and believe me, when you are trying to flush all the water out of your system, you wake alot to go wees lol).   Make up lady arrives at 6.30 am in the morning then my friend Sureya is coming to help me get ready at 8.30 am .. so its going to be go go go!

I hope to post an update after the morning show …

Till then (wish me luck!)




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