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Peak Week – Day Five

Today has been the day that kept me going this week.  It was the day I got to introduce some carbs and it was the final day of training before stage day.

Although today wasn’t a huge carb up day (one more sleep for that) the carbs I did have were just enough to keep me happy with life in general

I will admit that my body is tired today.  From lunchtime onwards things got pretty hard, it also didn’t help that I woke up at 4.30 am today and couldn’t get back to sleep AND I’m rushed off my feet at work trying to tidy everything up and put procedures in place to keep the office ticking along while I am off jet setting for a month.  I’m sure I had steam coming out of my ears today with all the thinking that was being done.

I only have two more sleeps!  Can you believe it … two more sleeps!  I am getting super excited.  I’ve heard the entries for this weekends show are up to 75 (which is a pretty big show for New Zealand).  It also means that the night show is going to be L-O-N-G 75 routines of 1 minute each, plus pose downs, plus prize givings .. argh … I bet your bottom dollar that Burger Fuel will be closed by the time the show wraps up (and thats if the end of the world doesn’t happen first, apparently its supposed to end this Saturday at 10 pm) .. that would be just my luck!

I’ll tell you something .. I’m going to be one pissed off lady should Armageddon happen before I get my Burger Fuel! 😉  I’m already feeling sorry for myself since my friend Donelle was raving about chocolate covered cashews nuts, then when I went to get some they no longer stocked them.  Although I feel for Donelle more since she actually knew what they tasted like .. I feel sorry for her nutritionist too, she has always said “The food will still be their when your diet is over Donelle” .. well apparently that statement was a fallacy and Donelle is on the warpath. Bahaha.

Since I snapped a pic 2 sleeps out from my last show, I guess I should keep it consistent .. so this is me with two sleeps left till show day.

Tonight I had posing practise with Miss Jo I learnt how to do a lat spread apparently its my “best” pose so keep an eye out for the stage pics,  tomorrow its tanning, hair and beautifying myself (along with going over my routine) and then its D Day!  Bring it on!

Till tomorrow (when I shall be in carb heaven)


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4 Responses

  1. Stacy says:

    Yay Julia! You look ready, Girl! Super excited for you. Enjoy your day with carbs. Enjoy your time on stage. You are going to kill it!! Can’t wait to read all about it! I’m rooting for you from the USA!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Still looking awesome!

  3. Donloree says:

    You are almost there!!! Two more sleeps until you clean up!

  4. Tracy H says:

    She’s right, you lats are awesome! Good luck!

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