Happy Mothers Day

I hope all the Mums out there are being spoilt and if you are not yet a Mum, I hope you are spoiling your Mum .. believe me, they deserve it, it’s hard work growing a human! 😉

I’d like to send a special “Happy Mothers Day Wish” to my BFF Vanessa as it is her very first Mothers Day.  I’m not sure her four month old is quite old enough to go and buy something for her yet (or even draw a picture), so I hope he at least gives her extra special smiles today.  (Or that her husband remembered its hard work growing a human and went and bought her diamonds .. I guess any girl would be happy with diamonds)!


Last night I took Ness to the Katy Perry concert.  It was her birthday gift, a night out like a real grown up.  When the concert wound up it was after 11pm and Ness and I were both exhausted and all we could think about was sleep. Actually if I am completely honest, I was thinking gosh Im hungry, but thats nothing new these days.  But sleep was the “other” thing I was thinking of.

I must say Ness earned that concert, because yesterday morning she came in for a beating Ludus style.  Obviously she is a nut just like me because she loved it.  I guess thats why they call is two peas in a pod.

So .. onto “me” news …

My Mothers Day pressie rocks!  It’s a complete backstage package gift.

A black satin robe, embroidered in baby pink with my website address on the back and femfit on the front along with a pair of flip flops with a slight heel (I find flat flip flops quite uncomfy).  I’m sorted now!  Actually I’ve got the robe on now (whilst blogging and enjoying black coffee) .. its super handy!

Anyway, I best get onto Mummy duties.  James is heading off to Ludus, so I’m on kidlet duty!

Till next time




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2 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    love the robe! we should start callin you ‘champ’!! happy mother’s day!!

  2. Michelle says:

    how cute. love the back stage outfit; what a perfect gift!! 🙂

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