An obstacle? Yes! Insurmountable? I hope not!

Another hurdle to cross

Well it has been nearly three weeks since I competed at the Auckland Champs, and I have to admit, those weeks have flown by!

I gave myself two days off after the comp, I allowed myself to indulge in whatever I wanted and as much of it as I wanted and by the Monday night, I was “over it” and ready to eat some chicken and veges 😉

I got back into training and have increased the intensity (which I can do now that I have more carbs) and I’m feeling good.   I put on 2 kgs after the show, however once I started training again I started losing weight again, so I’ve dropped my cardio down in an aide to keep my weight stable until its time to start dieting for my next show.  (Im currently sitting just under 57 kgs)

So, I can hear you asking when is the next show?  The plan is to compete in Tauranga on the weekend of the 25th of September.  The only hiccup in this plan is that I am going to have some surgery done in the first week of July (no im not getting boobs (unfortunately, I could do with some)) which means I cant train or six weeks *eeek*,  so as well as recover, I need to keep my weight down and hope that I can pull it all together after my recovery period in the five weeks I will have left.  It is definitely a new obstacle, but one that I don’t think is insurmountable, I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I recover quickly!

So I have two weeks full on training, a combined birthday party for a group of two year olds and a girls weekend away up North to look forward to before the not so enjoyable surgery day.  At least my immobility will give me time to work on the website .. so much planned, so little time to act on it!

Till next time xox

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