An “interesting” problem ..

Now here is a twist!

So here is something you probably haven’t read in my blog before … I’m too skinny!  Now that is a sentance I never thought I would write lol.

Anyway .. without trying I keep losing weight.  Jo did my measures on Saturday and I’m only just on the chart, so technically I’m at the point I usually am one week out from competition and I still have months to go before mine.  I basically eat the same off season as I do on season except I now have slightly more carbs and I have a treat meal on a Sunday, but even with those additions and cutting down my cardio the weight is dropping off .. I lost an entire kg of fat this week (which is usually a good thing) 😉

So … this weekend I was ordered to eat and to up my daily calorie intake in an attempt to put on a couple of kilos.  Yep I am writing in a weight loss blog about TRYING to put on weight .. isnt that ironic!

If you are wondering how this weekend went .. im going to be honest and say that I actually prefer being hungry to full, my tummy cant hold as much food as it used too and when Im full I just feel blah and want to sleep, which makes having a productive weekend hard 😉

Something my husband said to me made me giggle .. we attended a second birthday party on Saturday.  I “indulged” in celery smothered in hummus.  We got in the car to go home and he said to me ..

“Gosh you really indulged today .. that celery really must have made a dent in the 3000 extra calories you need to consume” he then looked at me grinned and went “Whats for dinner?  … Ice?”

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2 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    lol wow Julia that’s amazing – guess you are so used to what you eat it will be really hard to add extra cals back in…

  2. Verena says:

    Kind of cruel that this wasn’t the way for you earlier… Indulge pft!!! :0)

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