There is no “I” in team ..

9 Weeks till Tauranga, 11 weeks till Aucklands

There is no “I” in team .. but there definately is a “me”!

So it’s eleven weeks till the newly announced IFBB Country of Origin champs which are being held in Auckland and Wolf’s Gym is putting in a team.

We had our first meeting today with Jo and Mark Stewart explaining the ropes to the newbies and going through posing practice.

It will be fun to go as part of a team and to watch the guys change over the coming 11 weeks till the show.   I say guys because at this point in time, I am the sole representative of the feminine variety.  The men all have rockin physiques already, so they should all come in looking fantastic with coaching from two amazing people like the Stewarts .. and we also have Wolf, so its bound to be a team of winners!

On a personal note I’m almost three weeks post op .. and I did my first cardio session yesterday, I defeated the stairmaster, but the rest of the cardio equipment defeated me .. so the stairmaster it is for now.   I managed another 30 minutes before the team meeting today and I have to admit, its nice to “be back”

One more week till I try to do some weight training.  Now that should be interesting!

Thats also the time that Jo is going to check my fat levels .. Im hoping its not too high .. Ive managed to only put on 3 kilos since competing, so even if I cant train full on, Im hoping that I can pick up the slack closer to comp time when Ive recovered from the surgery.  Let me tell you, I have everything crossed that I’m going go heal quickly and can get on with it! 😉

Till next time xox

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  1. Alex says:

    Hey Julia – what was your surgery for? I’m sure you will do super!

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