Embarking on a new romance ..

I’m excited!

I am currently embroiled in a fledgling love affair … for those of you who have fallen in love, do you remember when your skin tingled just by thinking about the object of your desire?  Well that’s the kind of love affair I am about to embark on.


Love or Infatuation?

I am not sure how much time I can set aside for my new love, but Im hopeful of fitting in a few quickies here and there.


Am I crazy for feeling guilty about this new desire?  I worry that I will neglect my current love and get carried away, but I honestly cant think of anything replacing what I have now .. so I think I shall be ok … we shall see!

Do you think it means that my life is lacking something?  Some kind of spark?  Maybe its a midlife crisis, women have those too don’t they?  Who knows!

One thing I am sure of is that today I feel excited about the prospect of finding out how many new tricks this old dog can learn with my new “partner in crime”.


Will it be a long lasting love?

Yep!  Im going to be a surfer chick.  James is really excited.  He has been wanting to teach me how to surf since before he arrived on kiwi soil, however his gene’s are super strong and he impregnated me on his first night here .. so the bump kind of took the place of surfing.

Now that Im bumpless … bring on the surf lessons!

But don’t worry people, I am first and foremost a weight lifting gym junkie who plans to compete early 2011 .. nothing can replace the bright lights, pretty bikinis and six inch clear heels 😉

Onto what you are probably really here for …

Following the surf theme, the greatest of them all (and best looking) 😉

Kelly Slater … *sigh*

One of my bucket list items is to go to a Pro Surf contest .. I just hope he is still around by the time I get round to it!

Till next time (when I should tell you about my pull up progress)

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