WOD2 – Heavy!

WOD 2 “The Heavy”

(10 minute time cap)

100 push press
60 front squats
40 clusters (squat clean, thruster)

WOD2 starts 10 minutes after the team finishes WOD 1. Team splits into two groups (males and females) and each team of three must complete the allocated reps at the specified weight (50/35kgs). Reps however do not have to be allocated evenly.

Only six more sleeps till the Play offs!

I’ve discussed WOD 1 (The run) and WOD 3 (The worm) so today I’ll discuss WOD 2 (The heavy), sounds like a mafia hit man .. right?

The girls from WOD UP did a run through of this WOD on Thursday night and I may have slightly greatly underestimated this one! We all know that running isn’t my thing but my contribution to the team was supposed to be my “strength” in pressing.

Suffice to say this WOD is actually harder than it looks on paper and I’m not as strong as people think I am, in fact the girls did just as good if not better than me on the overhead stuff (they were always going to do better on the front squats, those girls are squatting machines!).

We didn’t finish within the time cap and still have some kinks to iron out, mostly because I’m quite a bit shorter than they are so our change overs are a little hit and miss but at least we know what to work on.

I’ll fess up and say that I felt like a bit of a failure after our run through of this WOD but considering three other HPU teams are still looking for a female to make up a complete team one week out from D day at least my team has a full quota of members and I’m sure with some rest before the big day I’ll do better.

Should you wish to come along and cheer for us, feel free to Les Mills Auckland City next weekend. Our heat (7) is due to kick off at 9.20am and we’d love to hear you screaming out our name!

Till next time





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