Fearful or Fearless?

I’ve mentioned before that I am a member of  Fitness Blog World and we discuss the same topic each month to explore how views differ not only between people but also location in the globe.

This month’s question was … “What Do You Fear”?

There are many things that I am afraid of – flying (if God wanted me to fly then why didn’t he give me wings?),  Injections (ouch) and even Snails and Slugs (they are just so ick!) but I guess in this instance we are discussing personal fears, how they affect you and what you do to overcome them.

I have one fear in relation to my lifestyle and chosen sport.

It’s being able to see myself as “normal” and being comfortable in my own skin when I am “ordinary”.

You see as a competitive figure competitor you spend a number of weeks throughout the year looking in the mirror and you get used to seeing yourself looking a certain way.

Post comp when you start seeing the “real you” again .. its scary.  No matter how many “talks” I have with myself about how I am supposed to look like this .. and this is perfectly normal, your head is constantly playing mind games and all you see is this strange “fat” person starting back at you when you look in the mirror.

Jo has discussed this with me year after year but it is something that I still struggle with.  I guess its like those of you out there that have a “number” in your head and you feel uncomfortable when you stand on the scale and your actual number is higher.

Funny thing is when I see people in the gym after they have competed, I actually always think they look better than when they dieted down and if I’m being brutally honest I always think my head looks HUGE when I’m really lean.  I look like a bobble head!

So there we have it .. I’m fearful of never being able to accept being normal, I guess I will have to settle for being Super Mum, the kidlets think their Mum rocks no matter what size I am. 🙂

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Kristy Wilce says:

    Julia, I wrote about the same fears! I know we are not alone, but how many people really understand what we go through? It’s not vanity, it’s not insecurity, it’s like flying first class then getting bumped to coach, takes some getting used to, but the drinks still come on the cart don’t they?

  2. I am fearful of being normal. I get tired of people telling me (since I am not yet a competitor) that it’s ok to be normal. I’ve put too much in it and don’t want to settle for just normal. Funny we all have variations of the same types of fear…body image is a big part of it. Great post!!

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