Day Two and a Woohoo!

First on the agenda is my amazement about how easy my first day on my new diet was.  I think James was pleasantly pleased too, he was bracing himself for the storm. 😉

So bring it on “Mr Keto” cause I’m doing ok!

Because I had to go and get some salmon for my dinner (and for the rest of the week) I actually trained at Wolf’s Gym last night because the seafood shop is on the way there.  Made for a nice change of scenery.  Tonight I’m back at Club Physical and will try and build some arm muscles.

Apart from the fact that its extremely cold at night these days, I don’t really have anything news worthy to report, so I guess I will just get on with the job at hand.

If you have seen any media coverage at all (TV, internet, newspapers) you will know that there are exactly 64 more sleeps till the world cup starts.

With that in mind I hope that today’s wolf is healed in time!

Anthony Boric, injured All Black.  Although I’m guessing the rest of the world is not as worried about him returning to the field as us kiwis are.

Till next time


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  1. Kristy Wilce says:

    You are a riot!

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