Slow going …


17 April 2010 - 63.8 kgs - 7 weeks to go

Only a tiny loss this week.  I know some people think that 400 grams is quite significant, but its not quite what I need to lose per week so I’m a little behind at the moment.  Hopefully if I do a few extra high intensity cardio sessions it might be better next week.

This week has been a long one!  Training has been hard work .. Lavinia is on low carbs, so she is pretty tired at the moment too, so it makes getting some “up and go” even harder if the person you are with is down as well.  I’ve really just got to put on my determined hat and plow through it .. just some days are harder than others, especially when work is manic too!

So .. looking at the highlights;

A loss is a loss .. no matter how small, some girls arent losing at all .. or are gaining, so I should be grateful.

My Mum came to the rescue and dropped off a whole load of lingerie that I didnt realise she had been storing for me, so I actually have underwear that fits!  Its amazing how useless a bra is if you cant fill it 😉

I’ve had some company on some of my morning cardio session .. that is always a good thing.

I got an ipod!  I hated James’ Ipod touch with my entire being .. my fingers are just too fat and unco to work it (I hated my touch screen phone for the same reason), so I got myself an old school ipod classic, and I love it!


I’ve been hungry .. so hungry, constantly hungry .. even when I’m so tired I can’t move, the one thing I feel is hungry lol.

Anyway .. seven short weeks to go … im scared and excited, but mostly scared!

Till next week xox

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