How do you do it?

Would you do it?

I’ve been thinking all week after a discussion I had with my training partner and subsequent discussions with my husband and friends about whether people would rather give up the food they “can’t” eat, or whether they would want to do all the extra work to enable them to indulge.

I’m in the *nothing tastes as good as skinny feels camp* whereby my husband is the polar opposites to me and would prefer to put in the hard yards .. obviously this works if you are not preparing for a competition (or blessed with an amazing metabolism like aforementioned husband), as all those extra hard yards are muscle suicide (as Miss Jo puts it) and you just won’t come in looking as good as you could have, if you had just shut your mouth or walked past the pantry, but obviously some of us have more of a battle with that little voice inside our head that says .. go on .. it wont hurt just to have a little 😉

Don’t get me wrong .. I’m not saying im perfect I have been known to add a fair few too many cashews to my stir fry and I will battle to the death to keep my pineapple in my oats, but in the most part I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

So the point to this long and winding blog post is .. I’ve been asked numerous times .. “How do you do it?  How do you give up all that food just like that?”

So here are a few “tricks of the trade” that I employ when the tummy starts a rumbling ..

  1. I eat a little and often!  It keeps my tummy full and it makes me feel like im eating loads.
  2. I drink a lot of water!
  3. Plan plan plan!  I work out all my meals and I ensure everything is prepared and ready to go.
  4. I quite often head outside and go for a walk, it keeps me away from the kitchen – if its night time I often have a sunbed (yes very un pc of me)
  5. I bake .. yep crazy!  I like to feed people .. the only time I actually ever bake is during the lead up to a competition, I make everyone around me fat .. not that they seem to complain, and the bonus is .. it makes me look smaller 😉
  6. One other thing I highly recommend is have a standard booking to have your measurements taken, it keeps you much more honest knowing someone is going to “check up on you”

I hope these little things help …

So .. which camp would you be in?  The eat it and pay the price camp, or the no way in hell I want to do more cardio camp?

Till next time xox

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  1. Dal says:

    No way would I want to do more cardio camp! I so use to be in the old camp though – but never did the extra cardio to make up for it haha

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