Day 69 grit it out!

It seems to be the year to try new things ..

This morning I tried a “Grit Strength” session at Les Mills. They have “Grit Strength” “Grit Plyo” and “Grit Cardio” and it’s pot luck which one they do and you don’t know until we get started.

I guess out of the three selections I was hoping for strength or plyo especially since I’d already done some cardio prior to starting 😉

You use equipment (kind of like a pump class) actually speaking of pump if I was going to describe it quickly (you know like if I didn’t actually want to talk to the person asking) I’d say its like pump class on speed with the addition of burpees and plyometric movements.

One thing I do know is that I thought I was going to puke .. yeah .. either I’m super unfit at the moment, or that is ONE intense class!

So in the words of Les Mills or his marketing team, I’m guessing his marketing team. Here is the lowdown on Grit

Oh and on an *I know someone famous* note – Anna (you know the one, tall, great legs, can be bullied into doing burpees with me?) .. well she is the face of Grit (well one of them anyway). Pretty flash huh!

And on the subject of burpees I am recreating the “Grit Burpee” for you in todays clip if my normal speed was the 2x that I speed these clips up too – I would totally keep up with the rest of the class 😉

I will let you know about the other types if I ever get to do one .. they are scheduled for 7.15 Tuesdays and Thursdays but there would be know way I could do a Grit Session after Ludus so I’ve only got one go left because next week its back to Ludus time!

Till next time

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