Day 70 and this WILL be the year I find my balance

I tend to have an on or an off setting ..

When I love something I love it with my entire being almost to the point where it becomes all consuming – I live it, I breathe it.

I guess that’s why bodybuilding suited me – it’s an all or nothing kind of sport and that’s what suits my personality.   Then I found Ludus and believe me tears where shed when I was told that bodybuilding and Ludus don’t mix and when push came to shove .. Ludus is my “main man”.  Bye bye bodybuilding – hello nut covered donuts (well actually I would say hello If Little & Friday ever had any in stock!!!)

Anyway I digress – we all know the topic of donuts does that to me.

However this year I’ve decided my “resolution” will be to find a balance and no one activity will overshadow the others and I will add yoga into the mix AND (that one is in caps because its a biggie) I will take a day off .. I know!  Crazy huh!

I have yet to decide whether that includes yoga because well that’s a relaxation kind of thing isn’t it?  So I’m guessing that would be like active recovery .. I might discuss that one with James.

Right  – James said no, apparently a day off means a day off ..  we’ve had a lengthy “discussion” about it too – I’m thinking the balance thing could turn out to be harder than I expect 😉

I’m still working out the logistics but I’ll have a semblance of a timetable completed by the end of the week since Ludus starts back up.  I’ve been working on a timetable for a few days but I’m having a hard time cutting back on things … #firstworldproblems

Anyway lets get on with todays burpee challenge clip – shit I better ask James if he thinks it would be ok to do the challenge burpees on my day off ..

*phew* James thinks the “challenge burpees” would be an exception to the day off rule .. thank goodness, we are getting up to the big numbers now!

Till next time

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