The great bag hunt comes to a conclusion

Four weeks ago I was “forcing” myself not to buy yet another gym bag that I would end up not using after a week.

I don’t work full time anymore so I don’t have the disposable income I used to and I’m trying my hardest to be more frugal these days.

So I decided that for one entire month I would try out all the bags I had at my disposal and I would either find one that worked OR I’d sell them all and buy another.

Week one went well and the Billabong medium duffel passed the test .. (good start)

Week two also went well. I tried a bigger bag and it fit everything in like a dream ..

Week three was a disaster and I managed to last one entire gym session with the weeks trial subject my Roxy backpack.

For the final week I really wanted to try a bag with wheels. The one I travel with when I fly wasn’t going to work because it’s what they call a split bag (so when it’s open you have two sides – as opposed to one big opening). A split bag is a pain at the gym because you need a tonne of room to open it to get at your stuff AND you usually carry stuff on the front pockets as well.

James has a cabin bag with wheels (and it has backpack straps) but it wasn’t quite big enough to carry all my gear if I wanted to wear boots to work (because they are bulky).

THEN when I was searching through the luggage in the attic I came across my Caterpillar bag that I’ve had longer than the kids. I bought it when I was on my honeymoon with my first husband so that shows how much of a relic it is!

Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!  It’s not huge by bag standards but it has a secret little weapon – it expands outwards (like me when I eat too much dessert) however this bag has a zip especially designed to let out more bag and give you  more space (or you can close it when you are not carrying much) – genius!

It’s true what they say .. good things come in small packages AND stand the test of time.

So I just saved myself some dosh (yay) there is after all a winter power bill to save for it’s crazy how much our power bill rises in winter!

Till next time

PS- For those of you who don’t have work part time so don’t worry about money too much and were wondering what bag(s) I was contemplating here they are;

The core bag

The King Kong bag

and The Workplay Goddess (which is 80 pounds I would have had to raid the husbands UK bank account) 😉

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