I have a list



I actually have a long list!

With 15 more sleeps till I hit the stage the anal retentive aspect in me has kicked in.  I have lists galore, although I must confess, these seem to be more bits of paper or thoughts tucked away in my brain than an ACTUAL list 😉

So things I have organised ..

  1. Registration and Music
  2. Bikini, Shoes and Bling
  3. Hair, make up and tanning
  4. Flights and Accommodation and most importantly …
  5. Post show celebrations!

On the still to do list ..

  1. Get leaner 😉
  2. Exfoliating for tan
  3. Nails (False for hands, pedicure for feet)
  4. Get together a backstage bag (containing glue,  rollers, nail glue etc etc)
  5. Get leaner!

Some days I feel I’m on track, other days I think I need an extra four weeks … I guess we shall see in two weeks time which feeling was correct!

Quick recap of yesterday …

I is sick!

Woke up feeling crap, head hurt, body ached, hot/cold flushes .. went on early morning walk (like a good girl).   Worked while still feeling like crap.  I had the heater on and I was still freezing.  After work, drove home .. crawled in bed and went straight to sleep!

James woke me about 7 and I got up and had ate some egg whites, curled up on the sofa under a duvet and watched “Americas Next Top Restaurant” – on a side note, Curtis Stone is hot!  Then I konked out and woke up this morning.  So no training, no nothing!

Thankfully I feel marginally better today and I had a spare day up my sleeve, so its chest tonight then legs tomorrow .. before heading to the hairdressers!  Bliss!


Till next time



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2 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    15 days…yeeehaaa! Getting exciting…

  2. Donloree says:

    YES! I love the number one on the list – get leaner! Let me know how to check that one off and I will add it to my list too! 😉

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