Paying Penance

I had an enjoyable weekend … so come Monday morning it was time to pay for my “sins” in the Arena.

There must be 100 different way to do a burpee!  I know this because I think we did nearly all of them Monday morning (and on a side note I think I like the dead man burpees the best – well as much as you can “like” any type of burpee).

I’m really enjoying Ludus even though I’m super unfit at the moment and my arse jiggles when I run (which is quite uncomfy) but it gets me out of my comfort zone and doing things that I wouldn’t do voluntarily on my own (take the aforementioned burpees for example) so its not surprising that this morning instead of walking the streets on my own I turned up at the Arena for the moral support of people yelling out numbers – I’d like to say our group even counted in Japanese .. Ludians are both intelligent and fit 😉

I’m not enjoying weight training as much .. although I’ve never LOVED weight training, which is obviously strange for someone who has gone into bodybuilding.  But I’ve always just done it because its what I need to do to look the way I want to look.  It’s a means to an end, a tool that I utilize to transform myself into what you see on stage.

I go through phases.  I enjoy the weights but don’t enjoy the cardio or I enjoy doing the cardio but not the weights, its quite rare for me to like both at once.  It’s probably why I love Ludus it gives me both, it makes me feel powerful and its transforming me into an athlete not just someone who looks like one.

If I didn’t have Miss Jo I wouldn’t even go to the gym to do my weight training, she is the reason I turn up and lift heavy things (albiet it with some mild complaining .. she earns her money when she works with me) 😉

I seem to be in a rut a training partner would help .. even better if he was male and extraordinarily good looking with a body of a Wednesday Wolf.  If you see one of those lying around can you send him my way, James won’t mind he will be glad its not him having to put up with my complaints in the gym!

And that is probably a good segue into our sneak peek at tomorrows main event.  Tomorrows wolf is an inch taller than James and a year younger.  Which makes the wolf 6 foot 1inch and 33 years old.  He isn’t however a Brit like James … guess you will just have to wait till tomorrow to see who he is.  For now enjoy ….

Till next time

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