Lets see ..

It’s Friday people!

I am pleased to proclaim that I made it through the first week of Operation Wedding with “relative ease”.  I don’t want to get too hyped up as we all know that pride comes before a fall. 😉

However as long as  we don’t count how each day of training brings a greater level of pain than the last and how I feel like I will either

  • Die or
  • Throw up

Everytime I do a Ludus session.  I think we can consider week one a success!

Hopefully this coming week will be just a little bit easier than this one has been .. technically I should be one week stronger 🙂

I weighed myself last Saturday at the start of Operation Wedding and as of this morning I was 3.2 kgs lighter (which is a touch over 7lbs for you non metric using people).  When I told James he exclaimed “Those are Biggest Loser numbers .. well done”!  I know that at least two kilos of that is water because I’ve dropped my carb intake but a smaller number is a smaller number and its all good in my books.

Thankfully this weekend is a quiet one (if the kidlets can learn to use inside voices *sigh*) so I shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping to the plan.  I have decided that I will have a treat on a Sunday so that I don’t go stir crazy, after all I am off season so I don’t have to be too strict about my diet plans .. slow and steady always wins in the end.

From today onwards I thought I would end each Friday with a sneak peek of what is to come ..

Well apart from the usual ramblings for moi on Wednesday you have the pleasure of seeing one of THE best Wolfs I have found so far .. gosh my job is a hard one 😉

So be sure to come back and check in!

Till next time

(Have a fantastic (and safe) weekend)

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