Jumping Junk Free June

So – June … it’s a biggie!

It’s the official start of winter (boo),  my (littlest) baby turns six, I’m staying clear of “crap food” for #junkfreejune, Ludus is moving AND by the end of this month I’m going to jump off the ground and land on top of the big tyre (without putting down my hands) – so I guess that’s my BIG goal for the month.

As such, I’ve been practicing my jumping and what used to scare the bejesus out of me is now (I’m pleased to say) my normal.  I’ve even started using the “big but not as big as the actual big” box during normal WODs – I’m not fast, but to be fair I wouldn’t be fast even if I used a small box, so I may as well get some extra jumping practice in whenever it’s on offer.

Funny thing was since I’ve been box jumping pretty much everyday for a couple of weeks I’ve been feeling pretty confident about it, so last week after my 6am Ludus session as I was practicing my box jumps in the corner when I saw the 7.30am class doing box jump overs (as in jumping directly over the box) I thought – hey I’ll give that a go! Ergo, I confidently walked up to the “box” aka bench seat and just as I went to jump, I chickened out (repeatedly) … pride cometh. 😉

So this morning after my Death by Thruster session with my coach I not only did box jumps but I practiced jump overs – not the box mind you, I used risers and I managed to clear 10 risers before chickening out at 11 and having to return to 10, because you should never end a session on a failure.

After comparing 10 risers against a wooden box it is marginally higher than the lowest level, so that makes it just over 50cm in total.  Obviously it’s no where as wide as a wooden box so I didn’t have to jump as far, but it’s a start.

We don’t have risers at Ludus so when I practice jumping over things I’ll use a stack of car tyres instead.  As a “bonus” they’d be slightly wider than risers so although I’ll be jumping just as high to start with I’ll need to jump slightly further so it’s probably a far better substitute when the final aim is to jump over an actual box – you can’t take those things lightly, they’ll leave long lasting scars if you let them!

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